EXpedinor is a transport, logistic service and warehouse Storage Company based in Sandvika, Bærum in Norway. Established in 1999, we have strived to provide our customers with the best possible services in these areas. With our base for logistics in Sandvika, we are conveniently located to provide warehouse services for small and medium-sized trading and manufacturing companies based in Oslo and beyond.

With over 30 years of experience in the fields of transportation, logistics and warehouse storage, we are experts at handling goods both carefully and securely. We have various standardised solution packages available, however customized packages can also be arranged, allowing your company to be involved as much or as little of the process as is convenient. If required, we can take care of every stage of the process for you, from marking and picking up stock, through to repackaging, distribution, further shipments and customs clearance.

We will even take care of the administration side of things, and can offer hot storage, both when using our warehouse services in the Oslo area, and our transportation in Norway and elsewhere as required.

Our warehouse services in the Oslo area are specialised in electronics, dangerous goods and foodstuff, however we can store a wide range of items. Our logistic services mean that we are able to pick, pack and ship your goods directly from our warehouses, making eXpedinor an ideal all-in-one solution.

Our convenient base for logistics in Sandvika means that we are not only able to offer transportation in Norway and the rest of Europe, but also worldwide. In Norway and Europe this will usually be done via ground transport, however worldwide airfreight services are also available.

We pride ourselves in making sure that all of our deliveries are checked and tracked, so that you, the customer can have up to date information about where your stock is at any time. We offer electronic transmission of order information, ensuring that stock can quickly and accurately be picked from our warehouse facilities.
Using a third party service for your logistics, transportation and warehousing allows you to reduce your outgoings, taking advantage of economies of scale and not having to worry about staffing levels, whilst allowing you to focus more on the existing strengths of your business. We welcome any questions or queries you may have, and with over 10 years of experience, we are able to provide you with references and recommendations from our satisfied customers all over the world.