Our warehouse hotel is centrally located in Sandvika in Bærum. Our experience and equipment enables us to handle goods carefully and securely. All types of standardized goods are well taken care of.

We offer customized and standardized logistics solutions associated with our warehousing.
Examples of this are:

Labelling – Pick goods – Repackaging – Administration – Receipt of goods – Distribution – Further Shipping – Hot inventory – as well as distribution of goods storage.

We tailor to your needs and your company decides how much we should be involved at any time.

The price for this will vary according to how many components you choose to take into the warehouse function.
When sales are established both you and your customers can be confident that you always have the correct inventory and that you deliver within the deadlines agreed, and not least, that the right products are delivered.

In addition, the warehouse shall always be available upon the clients’ request. You will always get the information from employees who work in direct contact with your products and therefore have the necessary knowledge about your company and your products. We believe strongly that LOGISTICS is any company’s most important “product”. Our strength is that we are large enough to quickly make the necessary adjustments but also small enough to safeguard your demands on personal commitment, service and development.

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