Since eXpedinors’ start up, the goal has been to offer our clients the very best in forwarding services. After many years of experience we have customers and businesses of all sizes. Our logistics solutions are closely linked to our warehouse in Sandvika.

We have the latest in modern customized logistics and can offer our customers electronic transmission of order information for generating waybill, labels and pick lists.

With us you will get unlimited growth opportunities in customized facilities with optimal workforce at any time. We will follow up your needs with consultancy 24/7 and with continuous development to always offer the best solutions.

Let us do what we do best so you can do the same for your company. You will only pay for what you use.

By using our services you will achieve reduced capital employed.

Flexible solutions and variable costs is only achieved when you have chosen the right logistic partner, whether your business has only one sales organization in Norway, has large seasonal fluctuations, is part of an international group, is one man agency (including Ecommerce) or related to specific campaigns or projects, such as promotional envoys.

We also offer economies of scale.

Please contact us for an informal chat with us. Together we will find a reasonable and flexible solution for your logistics needs.